The Faculty of Management and Production Engineering actively cooperates with business and micro-environment in Lodz Voivodeship.

The role of micro-environment organizations consists in defining learning outcomes and evaluating how coherent the concept, programme and learning outcomes are with the needs of the job market.  Information was collected from employers by way of, among others, opinion polls among representatives of the Łódź 500 Club (Association of Business Owners, Presidents and Directors of the Region of Łódź) and management of international corporations. The information is updated based on regular meetings and discussions of the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering academic staff and representatives of employers in the region of Łódź and surrounding areas that take place in the course of jointly completed projects (e.g. Manager Certification Programme, Diamond Placement project). Regional strategic development plan, conclusions drawn during conference proceedings and seminars with the participation of the Faculty’s academic staff also have an impact on curriculum design.

Specialists whose professional careers are in business and industry rather than academia  also take part in the process of education by delivering classes and supervising student semester assignments and diploma projects. This type of collaboration is appreciated and highly regarded by students.

The Faculty’s cooperation with the micro-environment is not solely based on joint curriculum design. As far as practical placements for outstanding students, the Faculty has formalized its cooperation with the largest companies of the region, e.g. ABB, Amcor, BSH, Corning, Dell, Infosys, Lumileds, as the Diamond Placement programme. Amber Placement programme is planned that is expected to involve placements at small and medium size enterprises. This form of cooperation relies on the assessment of the process of education by companies cooperating with the Faculty, which has a direct impact on the modification of the programme of the placement that the student is to complete. Employers perform the assessment by completing a placement evaluation sheet.  Information collected from these is analyzed by the Faculty’s Committee on Education Quality Assessment, whereas its findings and conclusions are submitted to the Committee on Teaching and Learning.

The Faculty takes on an active role in the activities of business and science organizations. This contributes to the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning in the fields of study run by the Faculty and by TUL, and presents students with opportunities to participates in business operations, e.g. through their involvement with student scientific societies. Cooperation with business organizations takes place through the Diamond Placement programme and the 500 Club. For over five years, the Manager Certification Programme has been run in cooperation with the Voivode Office. In the foreseeable future, the programme will be expanded into the Academy of Leaders. Right now, talks are being carried out on engaging more companies in the Diamong Placement programme, and efforts are being carried out to launch the Amber Placement Programme. Both will tremendously improve the Faculty’s students’, especially those enrolled on management and production engineering degree programme,  chances of finding attractive career opportunities.