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  • The OSH and Ergonomics Society
  • Enactus Lodz University of Technology
  • The People-Business-Technology Society
  • ‘Experience’ The HR Management Society
  • The Fundamental Issues in Technology Society
  • Production Management and Consulting Society
  • ‘LEVEL UP’ The Marketing Society
  • Sports Management Society
  • OiZ Sparta Łódź Sports Club


The OSH and Ergonomics Society

President: Michał Sikorski

V-ce President: Dawid Chudzik

V-ce President: Kinga Jankowska







Members of the Occupational Safety and Health Science Society, who mainly are students enrolled on the interfaculty degree programme occupational safety engineering, share a common interest in workplace safety. They network with public institutions such as the Institute of Occupational Medicine, National Labour Inspectorate, State Fire Service, and organizations such as the Łódź Chapter of the National Association of Occupational Safety and Health Workers. Members of the Society and the Society’s faculty advisor complete research projects on corporate occupational safety culture, learn about different industries, and hone their skills by taking part in occupational safety workshops. They organize scientific conferences and take part in conferences organized elsewhere where they discuss results of their research in the form of oral presentations or written reports. Apart from scientific and research activities, members of the Society pursue their interests in the company of their fellow students.


Enactus Lodz University of Technology

President: Agnieszka Borowska

V-ce President, PR: Maksymilian Felsztukier

V-ce President, FR: Weronika Hlebowicz

V-ce President, HR: Aleksandra Kloc

V-ce President, PD: Tobiasz Majak








The organization designs and carries out projects that deal with economic, environmental, and social problems both in the local and global community, champions principles of CSR, and supports entrepreneurship of its members. Projects are addressed to socially excluded groups (e.g. the unemployed, the disabled). The mission of the organization is to improve the quality of life of project beneficiaries in a measurable way, and to try and find a solution to a specific problems rather than to solve them.


The People-Business-Technologies Society

President: Taida Dziadczyk

V-ce President: Karolina Kołacz

Communication and Finance: Gaspar Borkowski









The People-Business-Technologies Society (PBT) is affiliated with the Department of Management of the Faculty of Organization and Management. The Society was established 19 years ago. It has continued to expand its activity by acting upon various ideas brought in by the Society’s members.  These have mainly been concerned with small business management and interpersonal skills. A number of opportunities that the Society’s members might take advantage of turn the time they spend in the Society into precious memories and many successfully completed projects. We organize cyclical national conferences under the umbrella term ‘Forum of Young Managers’, conduct research projects, and publish research papers. We also take part in scientific conferences, network with managers of leading companies (to learn from the best), visit manufacturing plants to get to the bottom of product production processes and modern enterprise management methods.

We do participate actively in the life of the university but we let our interests and experiences evolve outside it, too. We try to keep in mind that studying does not only mean … studying. It also means having fun and chilling out. We get together to play games or watch a movie. Frequently, it is then that we come up with the best ideas which, when acted upon, enrich us and help us build our future career paths. The Society’s Faculty advisors, dr hab. inż. Marek Matejun, mgr Michał Nowicki, and dr inż. Sylwia Flaszewska offer suggestions, direction and guidance. We swear by entrepreneurship, ingenuity and self-fulfillment!




‘Experience’ The Human Resources Management Society


President: Patrycja Okraska

V-ce President: Dominika Szewczyk

V-ce President: Magdalena Kaczyńska





‘Experience’ The Human Resources Management Society is affiliated with the Department of Management Systems and Innovation of Lodz University of Technology.

It is the finest and the strongest student team whose members share an interest in HR management. ‘Experience’ team members aim to apply the knowledge they have acquired in practice. The Society’s priority is to unlock the potential  inherent in each individual, develop personalities, and create opportunities to acquire new skills that will be a key to its members’ future professional careers.

Students that join the Society take part in workshops delivered by its faculty advisors, by consultants, and they also get a chance to try a trainer’s hat on themselves. For a few years, they have co-organized the Academic Job Fair in Łódź, and participated in research and science projects.


The Fundamental Issues in Technology Society

President: Daniel Komorowski

V-ce President: Wiktor Welfe

Secretary: Aleksandra Mikina






The Society of Fundamental Issues in Technology was established at the Faculty of Management and Organization in 2004. In line with students’ expectations, they are introduced to issues in technology, and their understanding of them is enhanced, which enables them to better comprehend the world of science and technology. The Society carries out and supports many interesting and original projects.

The Society strives to become a prominent student organization in the academic community as well as in business environment in Poland and in Europe.


The Production Engineering and Consulting Society

President: Piotr Grabowski

V-ce President: Katarzyna Telega

V-ce President: Bernard Godala







The Society primarily undertakes activities that address issues in management, production, and logistics. It networks with companies operating in Lodz Voivodeship. Its members visit the companies in order to gain a better understanding of what they can expect to be doing in the future. The main activity undertaken annually by the Society’s members is the organization of the Conference on Logistics. The Conference is a popular event, and topics discussed during its proceedings are substantial, which is a cause for pride for the Society’s members. The Society brings together mainly students working towards a degree in management, logistics, and management and production engineering. Learning and applying what you have learned in practice remain the main objective of students associated in the Society.



‘LEVEL UP’ The Marketing Society

President: Mikołaj Mikołajczyk

V-ce President: Aleksandra Kęsa

V-ce President: Katarzyna Milczarek

V-ce President, PR: Michał Glinkowski

V-ce President, HR: Adam Izydorczyk







LevelUP is a group of enthusiastic students who dare to think that there is more to marketing than just annoying TV commercials. The idea behind the Society was to create opportunities for its members to gain practical, real life experience.  The Society collaborates with business to give each of its members a chance to prove themselves while carrying out projects undertaken by the Society. The Society’s members bet all their chips on personal development. That is why they organize conferences on marketing, and encourage completing practical placements at partner companies.



The Sports Management Society

President: Żaneta Damaz







The Sports Management Society is the youngest of student science societies at the Faculty of Organization and Management. Its main focus is on organization and management of sports and related fields. Vice Dean Maciej Bielecki is the Society’s faculty advisor. The Society takes pride in having organized the campaign ‘Lodz University of Technology by Bike’, and a university futsal league. Moreover, the Society’s members have authored a number of publications and they collaborate with the Faculty’s football team OiZ PŁ Sparta Łódź Sports Club. People associated in the Society enjoy doing what they do and are proud of their achievements.



OiZ Sparta Łódź Sports Club

President: Dominik Kowalczyk

V-ce President: Artur Marcinkowski

Secretary: Jakub Janasik

Treasurer: Maciej Marszałek







The ‘OiZ PŁ Sparta Łódź’ Sports Club is the only team in Poland which consists of students, academic staff and alumni of Lodz University of Technology, and whose Board is comprised exclusively of Lodz students. Since 2011, the team have successfully played in the Lodz Football Association league. In 2015, the students decided to start a new project, unlike any other before,  namely the Football Academy. The project makes it possible for children to take part free of charge in football training practice, educational activities complementing school education, and psychological consultations.