To facilitate the processing of student requests filed with the Office of the Dean, standard application forms have been introduced to be used in typical student matters.

Rules for submitting your requests:

  • application forms should be filled in clearly, and the request should be properly substantiated,
  • the form ‘MISCELLANEOUS’ should be used when no other form suits your purpose,
  • requests to the Vice Rector for Student Affairs should be used if you wish to appeal the decision of the Dean (e.g. decision to terminate the Student’s registration at the University)
  • written opinion of the thesis supervisor must be submitted with the request for an extension or for a repeat of the diploma semester
  • application for financial assistance with the required attachments
  • applications for a reduced fee for a repeat of failed course units/reduced tuition fee along with the opinion of the Faculty Student Government Council must be submitted by the student no later than 7 days before the onset of classes or of the date of the occurrence that constitutes the basis for the fee reduction request

These standard forms must be used for applications in the matters referred to above. Complete applications should by dropped into the application drop box located next to the Office, filed in person at the Office, or submitted directly to Vice Deans (when the matter is extraordinarily urgent or critical)

  • Forms  downloadable from WebDziekanat

Other application forms that cannot be downloaded from Webdziekanat:

Suggestions, opinions and comments concerning matters referred to above should be sent to