Specializations in licencjat degree programmes:


– controlling in business management and information technology

human resources management*

SME management*

enterprise finance and accounting*


Specializations in inżynier degree programmes:

biomedical engineering*

information systems in the enterprise *

industrial ecology*

logistics engineering*


Specializations in second-cycle degree programmes:

business analysis and consulting *

international business*

business management ( taught in English)*

enterprise management practice *

– management of structural funds and European Union projects *

innovative management in the organization*

management of intellectual capital*

project management*

management of research and development projects *

management of research and development projects (taught in English) *


Enrolment requirement for degree programmes in MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTION ENGINEERING:

  • 1st year of the second-cycle full-time and part-time magister degree programmes (specialization completed in semester II),
  • enrolment takes place in the winter semester (November)


ergonomics, occupational safety and health*

quality management*

logistics management *

production management *


* you can view course unit description sheets for each specialization at www.woiz.p.lodz.pl / ECTS