Students of the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering have the opportunity to complete internships based on participation in 1 of 3 specially prepared internship programmes (Diamond / Amber / Emerald Internship), as well as under an individual programme.  

As for the special programmes 

The Diamond Internship is an initiative aimed at enabling outstanding students of the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering at Lodz University of Technology to participate in a programme of intensive development of competences desired on the labour market with the involvement of leading economic entities of the Łódź region – large enterprises (corporations with international reach). 
The Amber Internship programme is intended for students who want to develop their skills and competences while cooperating with companies from the SME sector in the Łódź Voivodeship, which have an established market position, extensive experience and high standards and ethics of operation. The motto: Career in SME? Why not? 
The Emerald Internship is an initiative aimed at enabling outstanding students of the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering at Lodz University of Technology to participate in the programme of intensive competence development through the implementation of professional internships in various types of public institutions and organizations, from local government institutions to representatives of the so-called Third Sector – NGOs. 

Each of the above-mentioned programmes assumes the implementation of tasks and responsibilities that have a real impact on the functioning of the business in which the student undertakes his/her internship. The interns face the challenge of implementing various tasks, often constituting an important component of “large” projects carried out within the framework of everyday activities of business entities and institutions in which the internship takes place. Together with the programme partners, we have agreed that the internship always takes place in accordance with the following rules: 

  1. preparation of an ambitious internship programme for BP students by partner companies – so that students feel the importance of the Programme, gain knowledge and professional experience and are genuinely useful in companies. 
  1. assigning reliable, experienced and open to knowledge-sharing tutors and/or mentors to BP interns.  
  1. establishing partner relationships with BP interns – to teach them communication and effective teamwork.  
  1. ensuring a high quality of interviewing and employment conditions – to give and maintain the prestige of internship programmes among students.  
  1. (As far as possible) Allowing interns to collect data necessary for writing their dissertation.   

The internship always lasts a minimum of 20 weeks (with a minimum of 325 hours), but a common practice is to continue the cooperation between the student and the organizer of the internship over a longer period of time.   

In order to “get” to the internship, candidates undergo a two-stage recruitment: 

  • level one – recruitment and selection of candidates conducted at the Faculty level, the process supported by the programme coordinators, analysis of application forms and the candidate profile;  
  • level two – recruitment and selection (selected from level one) of candidates conducted by programme partners (companies/institutions) offering the opportunity to complete the internship.  

This system allows for directing the right people to the right places, on the one hand ensuring that the intern, through participation in the programme, will gain the practical experience and contacts that he or she cares about and that will be useful at the start of his or her career, and on the other hand allowing the internship providers to “catch” promising and valuable candidates for employees as soon as the students complete their current stage of education.    

DP/BP/SZP [Diamond/Amber/Emerald Internship] programmes are organised periodically. Promotional and recruitment campaigns usually start at the beginning of the academic year and last until the end of the calendar year. As a result, internships usually start at the beginning of a new calendar year. Although the programmes are dedicated to graduate students, nothing stands in the way of students from earlier semesters submitting their applications. When considering the applications, attention is paid not only to the student’s academic performance, but also (and perhaps most importantly) to the candidate’s profile – his or her activities in the university and outside of it, knowledge of foreign languages, competences and skills acquired through participation in training and courses, or previous practical experience.  

Reports are generated on the course of the internship – they are prepared by students (describing the course of the internship, the tasks performed, etc.), as well as by the supervisors of the internship, who evaluate individually each of the interns, as well as the programme in general. Thanks to this, we have and take advantage of the opportunities for continuous improvement of the programme offer.  

Current programme partners 




“Ordinary” internships 

In addition to the Diamond / Amber / Emerald Internship programmes dedicated to the best students, our students are encouraged (in fact obliged to…) to carry out internships under individual arrangements. These internships can take place both during the academic year and the summer break. Depending on the field of study, the type of study and the degree, the requirements for the length, the preferred location and the scope of the obligatory student internship vary. (For details, see the ‘internship programme and requirements’ file). Students are obliged to prepare a report on the course of the internship.  

The internship may be carried out on the basis of the so-called “Agreement on the organisation and conduct of student internships for students of Lodz University of Technology”, as well as on the basis of any other legally permissible form: employment contract, contract of mandate, contract for specific work, voluntary agreement, individual agreement on the organisation of the internship between the student and the provider of the internship.  

ERASMUS+ and other programmes  

For our students, we also offer the possibility of completing internships abroad. We are partners of ERASMUS+, CEEPUS, IAESTE