Individual units of the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering hold regular conferences and scientific seminars: 

1. National Scientific Conference “Organization Development Management””

The Scientific Conference “Organization Development Management” has been organized by the Faculty of Management at TUL since 2007. Initially, it was held on an annual basis, and since 2015 on a biennial basis. So far, there have been 10 editions of the conference, attended by 1320 participants, including employees of Polish universities and representatives of enterprises. The conference relates to general problems of contemporary development management of an organisation, with individual editions devoted to specific problems such as: management of enterprises in the conditions of high technology development, cooperation and competitiveness of economic organisations, development management of small and medium-sized enterprises, the role of management staff and organisational culture in the development of organisations, the phenomena of crisis in enterprises and inter-organisational networks, as well as challenges arising from Industry 4.0. 

Watch a short film from previous editions of the Conference (2007-2017)

Watch the video from the 10th Jubilee edition of the Conference in 2019.  

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2. The International PenCon Pensions Conference

The International PenCon Pensions Conference is organized by the Department of Management on a two-year basis. It is addressed to academics and practitioners dealing with various aspects of modern pension systems. The conference presents, among others, papers dealing with the theoretical and empirical issues of pension reforms, their economic, financial, demographic, legal and organizational conditions, intergenerational relations and management of pension sector institutions. The results of the presented research refer both to the macro perspective (economy, labour market) and the micro perspective (individual, household, enterprise). Conference materials from PenCon2018 are indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection. 

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3. International Scientific and Technical Conference – Ergonomics for the Disabled

The International Scientific and Technical Conference -Ergonomics for the Disabled has been organized by the Department of Production Management and Logistics at TUL since 1995. Initially, it was held on an annual basis, and since 2013 on a biennial basis. The conference ” Ergonomics for the Disabled” is the only conference of this type in Poland and abroad. So far, 11 editions of the conference have been held, attended by representatives of many groups: scientists, practitioners, people with disabilities, doctors, designers, psychologists, employees of state institutions (State Labour Inspectorate, Sanitary Inspectorate, Labour Offices, etc.) and employers of disabled people. The aim of the conference is to present the factors influencing the activation of life of people with disabilities, the problems they encounter while engaging in social and professional life and doing basic everyday activities. Another aim is to present the research and design achievements as well as needs resulting from practical activities of these people. The effects of the conference are the exchange of knowledge and the latest organizational, technical, ICT, architectural, social, medical and ergonomic solutions for people with disabilities in an interdisciplinary scientific environment. 

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4. International Conference on Production and Packaging Management

The International Conference on Production and Packaging Management has been organized by the Department of Production Management and Logistics since 2007 on a two-year basis. Initially, the conference was held annually and was split into a conference “Production Management” and a conference “Product and Packaging”. By 2020, there were nine editions of the conference and the next one is planned for 25-26 November 2021. A total of 860 people took part in the conference, among them representatives of the world of science from Poland and abroad as well as entrepreneurs. A characteristic feature of the conference is that on the occasion of each edition, a significant number of representatives of the business world (about 40%) gathered among its participants to emphasize the practical dimension of the event. The conference concerns the issues of production management and packaging from various perspectives, which include for example Industry 4.0. (edition in 2018), management and security in the supply chain (edition in 2016) or standardization in management processes (planned for 2021). The conference is held under the patronage of the Production Engineering Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, and for the last three editions – the Marshal’s Office in Łódź. 

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